While connecting two sentences by using the words or phrasess given in brackets.

[If], [Unless], [ As if], [As through], [Although], [Through], [Too], [So ... that ... not], [ As soon as], [No sooner], [Since], [As], [Because], [Participles], [In th event of], [In spite of], [Would rather], [If only].

The following conductions should be omitted.

Yet, still, but, really, at once, so, thus, however, nevertheless, only and therefore, and hence, then, for, also immediately, soon, now sometimes, ever and so, and or, exactly at that time, otherwise etc.

Model-1 :

If ” and “ unless ” clause :

  • He did not study well. He did not get good marks. ( If )
    If he had studied well, he would have got good marks.
  • Work hard, you will pass. (If)
    If you work hard, you will pass.
  • You must work hard. You will fail. (Unless)
    Unless you work hard, you will fail.
  • Be honest. You will be praised. (If)
    If you are hones, you will be praised.

Model-2 :

As if ”, “ As though ” :

  • Mr.Bill is not a rich man. But he talks like one. (as though)
    Mr.Bill talks as though he were a rich man.
  • Sachin spoke like a great orator. (as if)
    Sachin spoke as if he were a great orator

Model-3 :

Although ”, “ Though ” :

  • He is poor. But he is generous. (Though)
    Though he is poor, he is generous.
  • She danced well. But she did not get the prize. (Although)
    Although she danced well, she did not get the prize.
  • He is young. But he is wise. (Though)
    Though he is young, he is wise.

Model-4 : ”, “ So...that...not ” :

  • She is very weak. So she cannot walk. (
    She istoo weak to walk.
  • This letter is too long for me to read now. (So...that...not)
    This letter is so long for me that I cannot read now.
  • Rahman is too weak to walk. (So...that...not...)
    Rahman is so weak that he cannotwalk.

Model-5 :

As soon as ”, “ No sooner ” :

  • I saw my mother. Atonce I ran to meet her. (As soon as)
    As soon as I saw my mother. I ran to meet her.
  • The teacher enters the class. Atonce the boys stand up. (As soon as)
    As soon as The teacher enters the class, the boys stand up.
  • As soon as he saw a snake he ran away. (No sooner)
    No sooner did he see a snake than he ran away.

Model-6 :

Since ”, “ As ”, “ Because ” :

  • She did not study well. So she failed in the examination. (Since)
    Since she did not study well, she failed in the examination.
  • Kamal is blind. So he cannot see me. (As)
    As Kamal is blind he cannot see me.
  • I like you. I shall help you. (because)
    Because I like you, I shall help you.

Model-7 :

Participles :

  • He saw the tiger and ran away. (seeing)
    Seeing the tiger, he ran away.
  • He returned to England and started a business. (Having)
    Having returned to England, he started a business.
  • I saw her walk along the road. (walking)
    I saw her walking along the road.

Model-8 :

In the event of

  • If you study well, you will pass the examination. (In the event of)
    In the event of you studying well, you will pass the examination.

Model-9 :

In spite of

  • She worked hard. But she failed. (I spite of)
    I spite of her working hard, she failed.
  • Though he was poor, he was generous. (In spite of)
    In spite of his being poor, he was generous.

Model-10 :

Would rather

  • I prefer to write. I don’t want to speek. (would rather)
    I would rather write than speak.

Model-11 :

If only

  • The dog barked loudly. I did not like it. (if only)
    If only the dog had not barked, I would have liked it.


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