Definition and Examples of Infinitive

What is an Infinitive?

When a verb is in its infinitive state, it has no subject or object. It is used to define the action of the verb without tying it to a specific person. It is a verb acting without a subject.

She went to the shop to buy some bread. (to + verb)

When “to” is added to a Noun or Pronoun, it is a preposition. But when “to” is added to a verb, it is infinitive.

I will give it to you. (Preposition)
I am very glad to see you. (Infinitive)


Infinitives used as Subjects :

  • To sleep is good for health.
  • To trust in God gives peace of mind.

Infinitives used as Object :

  • He wants to go abroad.
  • Do you wish to go there?.
  • amutha began to write a letter.

Infinitives used as modifiers of question words :

  • The girl does not know how to cook.
  • I have forgotten where to turn off this road.

Infinitive phrases

  • David likes to fish, to boat, and to swim.
  • Nancy also likes to boat, fish, and swim.
  • John liked to fish, swimming, and to boat.


Rewrite the following sentences using the infinitive forms of the underlined words :

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