Gerunds are derived from verbs. That is. “ing” is added to verbs (Eg: walking, smoking, sleeping). The forms of the Gerund are the same as that of the present participle. No doubt, they are parts of a verb. A Gerund is a kind of Noun whereas a participle is a kind of adjective. Hence, we can say Gerund is a verbal noun: a Participle an Adjective.

Gerund as Subjects :

  • Walking is a good exercise.
  • Bathing daily is a good habit.
  • Smoking is a bad habit.

Gerund as Object :

  • I like reading novels.
  • Rosy has stopped talking to me.
  • Have you finished reading your lesson?.

Gerund as Object Complement :

  • Seeing is believing.
  • It is not worth reading.
  • There is something here worth reading.
Subject + VerbGerund (phrase)
She enjoysplaying tennis
Have you finishedtalking?
I couldn’t helplaughing
Would you mindcoming earlier?
Do you mindwaiting a bit longer?
He likesswimming
He begantalking about his family
Don’t startborrowing money
She loveshaving breakfast in bed
I hatehaving to refuse every time
Subject + need/want etc.Gerund (with passive meaning)
The garden needswatering (to be watered)
He will need (after, cared for)looking after (to be looked)
My shoes wantmending (need to be repaired)


Put the verbs in brackets into Gerund or Infinitive :

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